We want to give the youth a voice.

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    A picture says a thousand words, and a video gives those words much needed tone and emphasis. WE want to give the youth a voice and let their concerns be heard. So that we can strategically create A day of gratitude, a celebration of collaboration between corporates and communities, to empower youths and take ownership for a better tomorrow.

    Help us, create this voice so that corporate giants understand that what we say is true, that the youth isnt just a number or a statistic, but an actual voice, with a face.

    WE will compile these issues and concerns (please dont make this sound like a complain fest though) I want to take this video up to UN and ask them to lend us their voice, to help us (a tiny island in the south pacific) be heard.

  • We want to give the youth a voice.

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  • Christina

    May 16, 2021 at 4:53 pm

    Glin our GSA Alumni, is leading the charge in creating a voice for the youth. Read her Manifesto here, and join in the conversation to take a stand:

    The present problems of young adults are mostly manifestations of the older generation — expectations, projections, on what we SHOULD produce, on how we should live our lives, pursue and do.

    The rise of fear, stress and even mental illness, are the result of the disconnection of the older generation to the current young adults.

    Pause, and think for a while — we are the future generation, but we’re known to be ‘generation hopeless’, where we indulge in depressive memes and self-deprecating jokes, instead of properly facing our internal issues because we mostly feel — we do not have a voice.

    The cause of our fear-based reality and anxiety are in fact due to our experiences with the projections to fair well and what our older folks think is best for us.

    Our older folks refuse to recognise the disconnection to our current generation, therefore this film is to challenge the belief that the older generation knows what’s best to keep us afloat. We’re unheard and invalidated for what we think is best for US. Only we know what’s best for us.

    The intent of this film is to be our own voice — to show our older folks what we truly like to pursue, and what we envision our future to be. We’re tired of quietly absorbing projections in this fear-based society. We would like to be heard — our vulnerabilities and our vision for a better future for us,

    Because we’re the future generation.

  • Christina

    May 26, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    the first shoot wen very well.

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