Dusk of Vitality 

A card game aims to foster stronger connections between seniors and youths in a family. We can learn menopause from different perspectives as it is ageless and genderless. Rabbit Yin and Vermilion Eagle are to escape the dusk of vitality but be aware of Thousand Face’s hindrance that might trap you in the dungeon after all the possibilities of paths are blocked. 

Users randomly pick their characters and keep their roles to themselves until the end of the game. They were to fulfil their own mission. 

Users were to guess the riddle and the riddler will decide on the best answer to the riddle based on the hints given.  

Users can play the utility card to their advantage to win the game.

The packaging of the card game—includes the game guide, and rules.

The game poster will be placed in tertiary school canteens, hospitals, clinics, bus stops and void decks. 
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