Draft love messages for GSA SG

To the wonderful family of The Glasgow School of Art Singapore, as we find our school slowly winding down to a close, I have gone to ask old friends to send love messages of congrats and support from far and wide. This is a draft copy, not yet including the GSA SG local lecturing team’s inclusion, but i figured why wait any longer. 

So if you missed it on facebook, as it was strategically designed to be hard to find on my post, here is it again, with the original msg.


Shout out to GSA SG Graduating batch of 2021 and ALUMNI… Warning… Long post, but please read this and share with your GSASG peers.

This year the graduate showcase wasn’t so much about hires, but more about the camaraderie of 8 years which made it special. It wasn’t about the KIPs but more about the actions and intentions of peers and GSASG family that bother to stand together when times get tough, when life gets hard… Maybe I’m getting soft, maybe I’m getting emotional… But it sure was a reason to celebrate…

Our motto: to celebrate the good, celebrate the bad, celebrate the failures and all the successes… But Above all… Celebrate the people that came, that fight and that held their ground, because without them… There wouldn’t be reason for those disruptive fleeting moments, which fuel our creative spirit… As We are GSASG, a spirit that no building or structure can contain. No institution can define, as we pushed our way for 8 years to construct an egregor so vast and massive, only the stars can defy. Cocreators on a different level, disruptors for meaningful design, that no doubt try our best to tow the line.

The ones who bothered to care enough to make a mark difference, into making changes for our own future.

Here’s the video I promised… Version 1.0 no doubt… Until you pass me the footage from today, so I can cut them in to form full picture of our unified camaraderie.

To those who came, we thank you for taking the time to share in our final moments. Thank you SOTA for being ever so patient and understanding. Thank you Gary for supplying some celebratory drink to fuel the occasion and for your ever support. And thank you my colleagues near and far for your kind messages of love and encouragement. You’ve made this moment ever more special and memorable. I’ll share the final cut soonest. But until then enjoy the adhoc surprise for the GSASG staff and students, in the link below. 


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