Connect Lah 

Creating the experience of Connect Lah—An utility app that aims to help the migrant workers to integrate into Singapore culture more smoothly. 
There are three stages of the process, Research, UI and social content and UX design of the app. The research involves comparative research, qualitative research, and quantitative research of migrant workers in Singapore. Address the pain points of the migrant workers living in Singapore, plot a user journey of how they adapt to the local culture. Based on the status quo, user stories and their user journey design an experience for the migrant workers. 
The research dives into the field of psychology, sociology, finding out the key struggle of migrant workers in Singapore. Understanding what is available in Singapore could help the migrant workers, and synthesise the possible solutions to these issues.
The few main touchpoints on how to address the issues—through connections, openness to speak up of their problems, transparency in migrant rights, and job platforms. 

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