360 Virtual Interview: From Teacher to Entrepreneur

360 Virtual Interview link here: https://youtu.be/-BQbFbHisuA

Ask any filmmaker and they’ll swear that they prefer to be behind the camera. Yet just over a year ago, I started doing my little selfie videos… putting my lessons online for two reasons.

1) To test out my own experiments of social media as it changed through the covid period.

2) And flex on educational based marketing model, to promote my own MVP platform: www.cocurator.co

Well, truth is… also because it was cheaper than buying ads while we were testing the market. A year on, (though it took a little longer than expected) I’m happy to announce that we’re ready to launch our phase 2 of Cocurator, with a whole suite of features, including jobs matching, project groups, Co-Studio forums and News.

At first I was awkward as hell… I can’t say that I’ve ever gotten used to being in front of camera. But I never thought I’d ever put myself on a 360 virtual interview… ever!!!

Thanks to the brilliant Chris SGalien, who made the interview a whole lot of fun, I’d like to finally introduce my first 360 virtual interview, introducing the new Cocurator platform, and our new brand Cocreates, a collaborative space to produce projects for good.

Swivel around the 360 youtube video, to see the 360 guru, magician and celebrity bartender, Chris interviewing me and our amazing sponsored location of Ikigai by the Riverwalk (https://lnkd.in/gHakCbb) Thank you Roy Ng for always being so generous and being a great support and friend through these rough times.

If you’re in Singapore, please head down to Ikigai by the Riverwalk, for awesome food & drinks, great atmosphere, amazing music and of course the best company that money can’t ever buy! Hope you enjoy the interview and I hope you continue to help me with my on-going surveys, to make www.Cocurator.co even better as we grow! (Creative industries, please see the survey link in the comments below)

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